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$ 24.50

Liberty:  White with Cobalt Blue,transparent Rose, and bits of Gold color.

Each beautiful hand blown glass ornament is a unique work of art. These one-of-a-kind treasures are skillfully handmade by the Leone family artisans, together working molten glass into eternal keepsakes.

Visitors who see them in our home usually can’t resist touching them.  Our christmas tree has dozens of hand blown glass ornaments during the holidays and our windows are filled year round.  The beautiful colors are enhanced by sparkly reflections from the Christmas lights throughout the tree and by sunshine in our windows.  These ornaments also beautifully display as a hanging group arrangement or in a bowl.

All of our hand blown glass ornaments are signed by the artist near the loop.  Attached to the loop, with a satin ribbon, is an artist gift tag.  The tag tells of this unique hand made product which celebrates Leones Glass handcrafted artisan approach.

Approximately 3″ diameter.

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